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Engine Checkup “The Immediate Marine Engine Analysis”

More than 90% of all mechanical problems can be avoided with proper preventative maintenance


- Only one drop of oil required
- Immediate Test Results
- Multifunctional Results easily seen and interpreted
- No tools or professional assistance required
- No need to drain oil — sample taken from dipstick
- Determine inefficient combustion
- Determine oil condition
- Determine sediment or grime, water or fuel in oil, and degree

- Immediately detect and diagnose engine condition
- Improve maintenance and repair scheduling
- Identify problems before they become major repairs
- Minimize downtime
- Reduce repair costs
- Prolong engine life
- High value, low cost


Internal combustion engines use motor oil for lubrication, cooling, and cleaning. Therefore, any type of 4 cycle internal combustion engine — gasoline /petrol or diesel using petroleum based or synthetic oil, can be tested using Engine CheckUp.

- Inboard and Outboard Engines
- Generators
- Bilge Pumps
- Hydraulic Pumps
- Turbines
- Air Compressors
- Circulating Pumps
- Vacuum Pumps
- High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

What does TÜV mean?

The TÜV, the abbreviation for Technischer Überwachungsverein (Technical Monitoring Association) evaluates, tests for efficacy and certifies the efficacy and quality of products in numerous categories.

The TÜV Mark is important because an independent, technically expert organization that does not have a financial interest in the product's ultimate profitability, determines whether foreseeable risks associated with the product's use have been eliminated or minimized. Once in the marketplace, a product must continue to meet safety requirements in order to bear the TÜV Mark or the mark will be removed by TÜV.

The TÜV Mark is a registered certification mark. With offices worldwide, the TÜV is an independent product-safety testing and certification organization. The TÜV Marks may only be used on or in connection with products certified by TÜV and under the terms of written agreement with TÜV.

TÜV testing, certification and inspection uses stringent internationally recognized standards while using local experts. They are neutral and independent. They orient themselves to relevant standards and meaningful performance measures, and participate in developing these worldwide. As an international service group, they document the safety and quality of new and existing products, systems and services. Engine CheckUp has undergone strict and thorough testing for efficacy claims. The TÜV mark on Engine CheckUp engine analysis indicates recognition of the quality of the product, the results obtained, and the claims made.



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