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Pleasure Boats and Performance Boats alike can benefit from a drive shower:
If there is a continuous need to remove a white chalky deposit from
the top half of your drive, it's probably running TOO HOT!!!

No more drilling holes in your drive!!

Summit   Summit Close Up
Summit for All Alpha Drives
The “No Drill Bracket” is Patent Pending

Halo Max   Halo Max Close Up
Halo Max for All Bravo Drives
The Max system including the “No Drill Bracket” as well
as this new Pick-up Port system is Patent Pending.

If you've been reluctant to install a drive shower because you didn't want to drill holes in your drive, we have the answer. Our latest innovation; brackets that mount the shower using the lift ram assembly.

Not only will this new mounting system NOT void your MerCruiser Corrosion Warranty, but it makes installation a snap. Simply swap out one bolt at the top of the drive and two nuts on the lift rams.

It is common for many new boats to come equipped with drive showers that are mounted by drilling hole in the anti-cavitation plate. MerCruiser is now saying that doing so will void your corrosion warranty. When asked about drilling holes in the drive to mount a shower, Rick Lang at Mercury Marine replied, "If an aftermarket component causes a failure, or in this case leads to corrosion damage... our warranty will not cover the damage/failure". Also, for SeaCore product "under no circumstances should the surface of the finish be damaged or it will corrode and there will be no warranty".

These new showers still use our proven 90 degree pick-up ports, along with a pin which acts as a debris filter. By dividing the tube in half, anything small enough to get past the pin will also be small enough to get out the dump ports. We have the only system that guards against the shower plugging up with debris, which without warning; will cause them to failing at cooling your drive.

We remain the industry leader because we offer only cutting edge designs, not gimmicks! We are often copied, but never out performed. The "Wickeds" of the world, will rip off this idea too, but as always, the copiers never catch the innovators.


Do any of these conditions detract from your boating fun?

  • A continuous need to remove a White Chalky Deposit from the top of your drive.
  • An unexplainable need to keep Topping Off Your Drive Oil Reservoir.
  • My Drive Oil Reservoir Overflows or has exploded!
  • I just spent $3800 to have my Drive Rebuilt, plus I was without a boat for three weeks!
  • I already have a drive shower, but it keeps plugging up with debris from the water.

A Multiport Driveshower could be the solution.

  • By removing 50 to 65 degrees off your drive oil operating temperature.
  • They include Pick-up Ports that supply water at any trim angle.
  • Won’t plug up with debris because of its water filtration system.
  • They install in 10 minutes or less.
  • Formula Boats uses them as standard equipment. Why didn’t your boat come with one?

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